if Tomorrow never come

Sometimes i have to go to another place that no one there.
Quiet… calm… peacful…
so crowded here…
go and desappear

It seems like you will die tomorrow, what do you feel? Afraid?? Wanna escape?
I don’t think so…
too much time, too many opportunities that you waste….

my time is now, my life is now,  all started now,  i have nothing for the next.

i just belong to You God

8 thoughts on “if Tomorrow never come

  1. kita emang disuruh banyak mikir tentang kematian, karena dengan memikirkan kematian kita jadi lebih dekat dengan Tuhan.

    tapi akunya gak tau kenapa bandel banget sampai sekarang masih mikirin duniawi melulu –“

monggo komen ingkang sae ^_^

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